7 Tips for Healthy Aging

Everything you need to know about being healthy as you age

Whether we want to admit it or not, the counter ticks every second of every day. When we’re children, aging is exciting. However, somewhere around the age of 30, we start realize that aging isn’t exactly all that we thought it would be. If you’re like most people, you’re looking at the concept of aging and wondering how you can make the most out of it. This is going to come from focusing on what is really important and embracing the actual act of aging itself. Here is what you should know about healthy aging.



What is healthy aging?

Healthy aging is one of those terms that is going to be used in a series of ways and even more contexts. For our purposes, healthy aging is when you take a look at what the future is going to hold for yourself and how you adapt to be ready for those changes. We’re all going to age, but if you are prepared for the aging process itself, it can be easy and effortless to keep your future healthy and happy.


September is healthy aging month

As another school year kicks off, and parents and grandparents put their life back together again as adults, there has never been a better time to take a look at healthy aging. So much so, in fact, that September is healthy aging month. Before the winter sets in and the stress of the holidays, take some time to educate yourself on healthy aging so that you can be prepared for it.


7 Tips to Healthy Aging

There is no such thing as the right time to age. For some, aging happens when they’re 50. For others, it’s more like when they’re 75 or even 80. Regardless, here are some of the prime tips to help you age in a healthy manner.


1. Stay active physically

healthy aging

We all know that staying physically active is important for our health, and this is especially so as the years start totaling up. Not only does it help regulate blood pressure, it also keeps our heart healthy and strengthens our muscles, tendons and joints. These are all common ailments of those in their later years, so the stronger they are, the longer it’ll take for them to weaken.


2. Eat right as often as possible

We all like our snacks and desserts, but it is important to eat right and take care of your diet as much has possible. This means proper vitamin-rich foods, healthy portions, and portion control. It doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy those foods that you love, you just need to make sure that they remain treats. This is also great because it helps you to enjoy food more as well.


3. Prioritize sleep

healthy aging

One of the most underrated ways to age healthily is to sleep. Try to get 7-8 hours of restful sleep each night. One of the best ways is to use a reminder on your phone or other device to help you go to bed and get up at the exact same time every morning. Sleep is how the body and the brain heal, so it’s important to make sure that you are still getting the rest that both of these critical aspects get for healthy aging.


4. Protect your brain

Along that same line of thinking, you’ll also want to do what you can to protect your brain. From working on mind-sharpening games to eating omega 3-rich food, to getting sleep, focus on the aspects that you need to make sure that your brain is as healthy as it possibly can. This will help with decline in memory as well as possibly development of issues with as dementia. Even if these issues are not hereditary in your bloodline, being preventative and protective of this critical organ is important to aging and proper long-term health.


5. Keep your doctor in the loop

healthy aging

Checking in regularly with your doctor is a great idea. This could be annual check-ups, moderating medications or supplements, or even just getting advice. Regular communication with your Family doctor or Geriatric doctor is a great way to make sure that you both are aware of any issues common with aging, and curbing their effects or shortcomings as much as possible.


6. Keep your stress as low as possible:

Stress can put a lot of wear and tear on your body physically as well as mentally and emotionally. If possible try to limit your stress and practice calming techniques such as meditation or yoga. Stress relief and active stress prevention are both important to your quality of life overall.


7. Nurture and expand relationships:

The last tip to help you age gracefully and as healthily as possible is to put a focus on the relationships that you have with other people. You should always try to strengthen the relationships that you have and immerse yourself in community support. It can help curb emotional issues such as isolation and other negative issues commonly associated with aging. It also gives you a selection of people to talk to that are also dealing with aging. It can be a great hub of information and support at all stages. Don’t block yourself off from the world.


This is the month in which we can finally break the taboo of the word “aging”. It doesn’t have to be a negative thing. In fact, it can be a very positive thing. You just have to be prepared with the right tips and tricks to make the absolute most out of it. Aging is simply a part of life, and remembering how to take care of yourself in all of the most important ways is going to be the way that you make everything work for you. Instead of letting the process of aging become a dreaded aspect of your life in the not-too-distant future, simply make it another add-on that is waiting for you to enjoy it to the fullest. Aging is no longer the taboo. It’s simply the next step in your life.


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