Doctors world over have a special place, a cut above the rest in our society, and with the ability to heal they enjoy a status next only to God. But, a scenario where you enter a doctor’s room and are not able to speak your mind because he or she is running late on appointments and has a long que outside, is a very scary situation. The biggest constraint for everyone is time, and managing it the right way is the hallmark of successful people. A doctor with a smile and concern has the capability of lifting the spirits of his/her patient, which facilitates the process of recovery.

Like it or not, you just can’t get away from the reality of falling sick and hence the need of a physician. Finding a doctor can be a long drawn process. Do not wait for the health to deteriorate, select a family physician well in advance.

Who is a family physician/ doctor?

As a family we need a practitioner who can treat us for everything, well almost everything. From broken bones to running nose of grandparents to children, a point of contact where our medical requirements are met with the concern it deserves.

A family physician is a medical specialist who provides comprehensive health care to children, adults, women and/ or old age patients for a broad spectrum of diseases, covering all the body organs.

How to go about finding a family physician

Choosing a family physician is an important decision to make. It is not like picking up a menu and ordering food from a restaurant. A family physician should be a doctor with whom you can have open discussions. He or she ought to have sufficient time for his/her patients. He or she must be caring, compassionate as well as competent.

Some of the other essentials before you zero in on a family physician are:

  • Check your health plan- First and foremost make a list of doctors who accept the insurance plan you are covered with and then proceed further. There is no point visiting a physician and then coming to know that he or she is not an in-network doctor. You will end up paying from your pocket.
  • Referrals– It helps at times to ask your friends, relatives or co-workers whether they are in know of a good doctor. Or, more importantly, if they are satisfied with their family physician. This will further narrow your search down.
  • Language and logistics- Before finalizing a practitioner ensure that you are able to communicate with him/her in a language known to both. Visiting a doctor should not be a nightmare to you and your family members, hence someone in the neighborhood is always a better option.
  • Personally visit the doctor- Only after a personal visit to the doctor should you finally decide whether he or she will be good for your family or not. You need to be comfortable with your family physician and also have trust in him/her. Further, you would get to know from the office whether their support staff is efficient and polite, again a significant consideration.
  • Ease of getting an appointment- This is another major aspect which should be factored in before finalizing your doctor.

If you live and around Lake Mary, Florida, call MultiCARE Physicians for an appointment with Dr. Faisal Tawwab, an MD and a family physician who is committed to the cause of his patients and treats them holistically. Dr. Tawwab, an experienced family Physician, also treats his patients with care and respect, which people look for in a doctor.

MultiCARE Physicians is a family, geriatric medicine, women’s and urgent care Lake Mary medical facility where patients get comprehensive and compassionate medical care.

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